At the Municipality of Pallini, where Nea Skioni belongs, held the last 8 years summer cultural events, known as Pallinia. During all these years, Pallinia have hosted many great singers and groups, dance groups, theater groups, antique rally, festival diving, sailing races, beach - volley and many other parallel activities. The main objective of the organizers is to focus on conservation, preservation and advertisement of the local tradition.

If you visit Nea Skioni, do not forget to pass by the hot springs of Agia Paraskevi for a refreshing experience. In Agia Paraskevi, was created a modern Spa, which is famous for its rare medicinal value and is aimed at all ages. The spa offers swimming pools, saunas, steam bath, whirlpool, individually and collectively. At the area of Spa is provided medical support. The water is middle hot, metal - supertonic and its natural temperature is from 37.5 to 39 degrees Celsius. According to the study of a University of Germany is confirmed that the water sources are recommended for diseases of bones and joints - muscle, skin diseases and urological and gynecological disorders.

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