Nea Skioni is situated at the south-west end of Kassandra s peninsula at a distance of almost 110 km from Thessaloniki. It forms a traditional Greek village built at an enchanting and of rare natural beauty landscape, where the visitor has the chance to combine both swimming and taking a walk in a pine-clad forest.

According to Thucydides, Skioni was built by the Pelleneans from Peloponnese on their way back from the war of Troy. Later on the Athenians brought the Plataeans to live here. The mountainous village of Tsaprani forms the forerunner of today s village of Skioni. The residents of Tsaprani gradually populated the sea-area during the second decade of our century.

At the old village of Tsaprani we have today the Church of the Holy Trinity in which annually a feast with impressive attendance and dedication to the tradition takes place. Besides the impressive natural beauty of this village, worth seeing is also the Church of Virgin Mary Phaneromeni, built at a distance of 2 km from the village, decorated with wall-paintings dating back to the 16th century. In 1881 this church was allotted by the monastery of Phlamourion of Thessaly to the Patriarchate, and celebrates each year on the 23rd of August with excessive solemnity and large number of people is assembled.

The village s harbor is one of the largest in the Peninsula, where loads of fishing boats from the Gulf of Thermaikos even from North Sporades moor here. A walk at the port will surely end up with a nice meal in one of the village s fish-houses, undoubtedly a tempting proposal to every guest. In Nea Skioni there are numerous hotel units and rooms to let, taverns with fresh fishes, stores with all kinds of souvenirs, super markets, TAXI. There is also a drug-store and harbor service (customs). A unique place for you to enjoy vacations of recreation and relaxation.

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